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Shepherd's Little Lambs Childcare Center
Quote of the week:
"Shepherd's Little Lambs Childcare Center is a home environment with a small number of children, home cooked meals, established routines that mirror our home; where my daughter has a GREAT relationship with her childcare provider.  I want my child to get contact with other children otherwise there are only adults and a teenage sister in her life.  Shepherd’s Little Lambs affords her the opportunity to interact at her own pace, with an assortment of learning and fun experiences.
I have been exceedingly pleased with both the curriculum and staff.  I also love the fact that my childcare provider is an experienced mother herself so she supports with practical knowledge." - Mr. & Mrs. Mekele and Tisheka Brown
"I want to thank Shepherd's Little Lambs Childcare Center for taking care of my son the way I want each time he goes there. Thanks Mrs. Shepherd for everything."  - Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Uche
"Shepherd's Little Lambs Childcare Center is a place where I can leave my daughter (2 years old) and I know she is well taken care of.  I can go to work and be confident my child is fine." - Ms.Tanisha Simmons

"I am thoroughly impressed with Shepherd's Little Lambs Childcare Center.  My child is comfortable, well-fed, and has dramatically increased his usage of words.  He was given excellent care in a loving, kind and tolerant atmosphere..."
- Ms. & Mrs.Winston.

"Preparing children for life!"
"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right" - Henry Ford
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